SK80 sunkastell solar pump inverters

SK-80 Solar Pump Inverter

SK-80 Solar Pump Inverter

 sunkastell inverter

Solar pumping system convert solar energy into electricity, then drives motors to drive water pumps to pump water from deep wells, rivers, lakes and other water sources. The system consists of solar panels, solar pump inverter and various types of water pump.

Solar pump inverter, also called solar variable frequency drive VFD, converts the direct current ( DC ) of solar panel into alternating current ( AC ), thereby driving various AC motor water pumps (centrifugal pump, irrigation pump, deep well water pump, swimming pool pump, etc.), the input can be the solar DC power supply (DC60-450VDC;DC 150V-450V, DC 250V-800V), also can be single phase or three phase AC power supply (AC110VAC,AC 220V, 380V, 460VAC), built-in MPPT control system to maximize the output power of the PV array, is very suitable for use in remote and dry areas also as green electric source in alternative sources.

SK-80 series solar pump inverter, high MPPT efficiency ( 99.3% – 99.9% ) have been used in different countries such as USA, Mexico, Pakistan, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Chad and more countries, approved it’s reliable usage in desert, dry and humid conditions.

  1. Designed for you, Customer satisfaction is our core value, we focus your project needs and assure quality.
  2. SUNKASTELL inverters are operating at up to 99.9% efficiency, Full compatibility with bifacial solar modules.
  3. MPPT control mode, adjust the output frequency to the appropriate frequency in real-time.
  4. SUNKASTELL inverters are plug and play, connect inverter and start your system directly.
  5. Efficient Budget of your project using clean source of power, Renewable energy is life.
  6. Adapt to the intelligent IOT module, big data remote control.
  7. A variety of features to meet the needs of various markets and users.
  8. Synchronous and asynchronous drive integration, comprehensive open, and closed-loop.
  9. The new air duct design makes the heat dissipation effect even better.
  10. The maximum power is 1.5MW, multiple voltage levels, suitable for multiple countries and regions.
  11. Professional PC software, one-key reading of debugging parameters.
  12. Complete water pump protection functions extend the life of the water pump.
  13. Multiple functions such as AC/DC mixing, timing, cleaning, etc. meet market demand.
  14. Supports multiple pump motors such as synchronous, asynchronous, single-phase, and synchronous reluctance.
  15. The advanced self-learning algorithm is accurate and consistent.

Sunkastell Inverter Datasheet