Our vision

The vision of Renewable Energy Day&Night

We believe in a future in which we cover 100% of our global energy requirements from renewable sources: day&night cloudy or clear skies, we develop the Technology which with stand any weather.

We call this energy future Day&Night. In this future, renewable energy will be intelligently and economically generated, stored, distributed and consumed with unprecedented efficiency. In this energy world, renewables are the most independent, effective and cheapest energy sources. This will make energy available in a sufficient quantity to everyone, anywhere and at any time. Solar energy plays a leading role in the mix of renewables that supply us with energy around the clock. 

The Vision

Renewable energy Day&Night will bring us


solution for an economically and ecologically sustainable energy supply for us


Frees us from the vulnerability of a central energy system


Turn renewables into the cheapest form of energy

Demand Response

Electricity available Day&Night from Clean sources


Renewable energy available Day&Night


Components are recyclable means clean environment


Main technologies and solutions that, step by step, allow renewable energy to be generated and stored ever more efficiently, as well as to be distributed and consumed intelligently and cost-effectively. We are working on this, day in day out, to drive the transition towards an energy future with 100% renewables with our technologies and energy solutions Day&Night.

Focussing on the following three principles for every product, service or technological innovation relating to the generation, storage, distribution or consumption of renewable energy:

  • Reliability of supply: does the innovation ensure long-lasting, reliable operation?
  • System optimisation: does the innovation optimise performance in terms of efficiency or scope?
  • Future-proofing: does the innovation contribute towards fulfilling future demands today and upgradable accommodate further functions in the future?

Applying these principles guides our decision-making process in making energy from renewable sources more competitive with our technologies and energy solutions: step by step, until they become the most cost-effective forms of energy in the world then Renewable energy Day&Night become a reality for us all.